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Ryal Has Lost a Friend

Posted Date: 10/09/2020

Ryal Has Lost a Friend

Long time friend of Ryal School, Mr. Prier Price, died Friday, January 28, 2000.

Mr. Price, a Tulsa businessman, along with members of the Tulsa Homebuilders Association, long ago took Ryal Students under their care to insure that every Ryal Student had a Christmas to remember.  He was practicing the Biblical standard of sharing what he had with someone who had less.  Mr. Price has been a great blessing to untold numbers of Ryal Students.  He had the special ability of making each student feel special.

Over the years the Christmas shopping spree and pizza party grew to include a yearly trip to the circus, and an ‘end of the school year’ trip to Bell’s Amusement Park.  As long as he was physically able, Mr. Price, wearing his wonderful smile, was there to greet the children as they got off the bus.  He was truly a giving man!

Mr. Price, you will be missed!  We are very thankful to have had you as a part of our lives.  You have set a high standard to guide us in living with our fellow man, and we are better for having known you.  You are gone, but your example and memory will live on in each of the lives you have touched.  Perhaps some of those whom you have influenced will follow in your steps, and so, the goodness shall spread.